The best alternatives to Reddit Hyped Stocks are Elon Stocks, Simply Wall Street, and Ticker Nerd. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Reddit Hyped Stocks
  • Our app is simple! When Elon mentions a stock in a tweet, we’ll send you a text 📲 It’s like insider trading, but legal 💯 STONKS to the MOON 🚀🚀🚀
  • The new visual way to invest
  • We use software that scrapes the Internet to figure out which stocks are being mentioned more often. We filter through the noise and dig deep into 2-3 stocks. A weekly report is delivered straight to your inbox every Wednesday 9am sharp (PST).
  • is an AI/ML platform that generates stock market recommendations for each user based on their own investment history.
  • 📈 Play the world's biggest fantasy stock market! Trading stocks linked to the IRL influence of your favourite celebrities, TV shows, sporting heroes and friends.
  • We are creating AI for investors. With our cutting-edge platform, investors will be able to make better decisions with the help of machine learning, from news analysis to social media tracking, we provide a wide range of tools that allow investors to move ahead of the market.
  • MyWallSt is the award-winning app investors of all levels rely on for extraordinary stock picks and unparalleled analysis. Whether you want to learn more about investing, start investing now or find market-crushing stocks to add to your portfolio, MyWallSt provides the tools for success - including a winning portfolio of 100+ stocks.
  • Trade like the best investors in the world and explore what Warren Buffett, Michael Burry and others are buying and selling.
  • Social media stock sentiment analysis dashboard
  • Don't know anything about investing but want to YOLO into crypto? This is the ONLY tool you need. Simply being notified whether Elon tweets about Bitcoin can cause your investment to spike like US COVID cases or dip like the temperature in Texas. Be prepared.
  • Elevon Insights provides retail investors with top stock picks, so that you invest in better, more fundamentally sound companies. If you're going to invest, invest in the stocks worth holding.
  • QUANTITATIVE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Tops, Bottoms, Trends don't form in a single day. Statistical analysis of price action over a period of time provides greater insight on future price action
  • For investors and traders who want to discuss and share ideas related to Stocks and Cryptos, Stock Smart is a social trading platform that provides information on trade setups, investment ideas and directions to where the smart money is going in India.
  • In a few seconds, you will get a clear picture of which industries are growing (or declining) the most, on a granular level across multiple regions. Match real-time economic data on sectors and industries with stocks around the world.
  • The Smart Investor - We only display the most critical news providing investors a wholistic understanding of whats happening in the markets. Tailored Flexibility - News discovery made for the next generation of web3 investors such as millennials and Gen Z.