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The best alternatives to Recyclinator are Kiff, GenieCan, and Hotel Room Alerts. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Recyclinator
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  • Manage your fridge and pantry with Kiff and always eat your food in its best state. Because food loses its nutritional capabilities after keeping it for too long, and if spoiled, it can be a risk for your healt...

  • Make your trashcan smart

  • Snag a room at a sold out hotel

  • The Deep Waste system employs a cutting-edge machine learning model to categorize waste, facilitating its management with a fun and user-friendly approach.

  • Meet Petal the world's first waste bin that eliminates foul odors and halts the spread of germs, simply by freezing them. 👶 🧷 Diapers 💩 🐱 Pet Doo Doo 🗑 🥬 Icky Compost 🥡 🍔 Rotten Leftovers 🐟 😤 Anything...

  • Recycle Academy App helps you to recognize recycling symbols on packages and shows the right bin for specific material.

  • Paccurate - Reduce waste and costs with smart cartonization Smart cartonization considers your rates and other fulfillment costs when generating a packing solution, and stacks, nests, and rolls your items to ta...

  • The Pledge to Fix is a strong commitment to: 1. Fix the next products that breaks 2. Learn how to do it oneself 3. To prefer repairable and refurbed products for both individuals and organizations.