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Summarize Anything, Forget Nothing
Recall makes you smarter. It summarizes, categorizes and intelligently interlinks any online content. It then leverages active recall and spaced repetition, ensuring that you not only retain but also deepen your understanding of the content.
Farooq (SF Ali) Zafar
Chris Messina
Ivan Kozlov


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The community submitted 30 reviews to tell us what they like about Recall, what Recall can do better, and more.
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30 Reviews
being human
19 reviews
One of the most useful extensions available.
Paul Richards
Thanks for the review Adontai

Youcef El Kamel
App Maker 🧑🏻‍💻✨
10 reviews
the idea of the app is really good and the feature are working.. but the app mobile experience can be improve.
Paul Richards
We plan on improving the mobile experience in the coming months.

Taryn Morris
Ops, tech, people leader
1 review
Super helpful product! Really helps me condense information in a hurry. Very spot on too! Congrats and thank you, Recall team 👌🙏

Preasen Chellan
1 review
I started using Recall when it was still in beta and I'm impressed with how it's evolved in such a short period of time. It's practical uses go far beyond simply adding and storing knowledge cards for quick review. Well done to the passionate developer and co for their innovative product 👏

Minh Thong
1 review
I'm very happy to know this website, it has almost every feature i need
Paul Richards
Thank you. What is it still missing?

Data Scientist and data enthusiast.
8 reviews
nice product to store your research

Shivansh Madhu

Engineering at Rishabh Software

1 review
It is very helpful extensions.

Raunak Shaw

Engineering at Foxsense Innovations

4 reviews
The idea of this product is very good. It really helped me with my research work, though some details gets missed but using snippet of large document works for Recall.
Paul Richards
Thank you for the feedback Raunak. This is something that we are going to be working on - giving more options for the summaries so the user can specify how much detail they want.

Nigel Powell
Journalist, blogger, startup specialist
3 reviews
Looks really nice @paul_richards1 . One tip might be to offer a global 'uncheck' box for the bookmark importing, so you don't have to uncheck them all manually if you have lots. That way I can select a few starter bookmarks quickly and easily. But overall, really like the idea and the implementation looks excellent.

Adithya Krishnan
Engineer, Mountaineer, Developer
1 review
It's so hard to stay on top of new developments in tech. My bandwidth to read all the articles and listen to podcasts and watch videos is low, and I'm excited to try this out. Are you also thinking of providing a recommendations feed? And also, a summary of the podcasts or posts of a channel? That'll help me a lot to prioritize what I put time into and where.