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Founded in 2013 as a tiny side project, Product Hunt has become the place for makers and companies to launch their latest app, gadget, or physical products to the world. It's a global community of friendly folks sharing and discussing the latest in tech.

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  • Launch
    Introducing Product Hubs and Launch Pages
    Product Hubs are a new place to learn everything there is to know about a product’s journey: launches, reviews, awards, news, Makers… And Launch Pages have been updated to better celebrate your next favorite thing!
  • Story
    The making of Product Hubs
    6 min read
    We recently launched Product Hubs, a new place to find all of the information on a product’s journey, from launches to reviews, in one place. “This project touched almost everything we already had. I didn’t fully understa...Read more.
  • Announcement
    #3 Product of the day
    2021 Shout-Outs ranked 3rd Product of the day for Dec 29, 2021 with 167 upvotes and 39 comments
    Dec 29, 2021
  • Launch
    'Tis the time to express gratitude!

    So we are bringing Shout-Outs back! Highlight and celebrate makers and products that made 2021 incredible. Add your thanks and give recognition to those you appreciate.
  • Announcement
    #3 Product of the day
    Product Hunt Early ranked 3rd Product of the day for Aug 7, 2020 with 263 upvotes and 30 comments
    Aug 7, 2020
  • Launch
    Missing an invite to the most hyped TestFlight apps? We were too. So we made a thing. We will send you a new unreleased app every Friday.
  • Announcement
    #3 Product of the day
    Product Hunt Mentors Network ranked 3rd Product of the day for Jul 9, 2020 with 406 upvotes and 29 comments
    Jul 9, 2020
  • Launch
    Product Hunt Mentors Network in partnership with Superpeer, allows you to book 1 to 1 meetings with industry experts on a range of topics including product building, social media, PR, design, engineering and more. More mentors will be added soon. Stay tuned!