The browser for building the web.
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What is Polypane?
The browser for building the web. Polypane is a cross-platform browser for responsive web design and development. Made by @kilianvalkhof

Polypane tech stack

We're aware of 7 technologies that Polypane is built with. Polypane utilizes products like Crisp, Algolia in their tech stack

Recent launches

Visualize browser sizes
Visualize browser sizes shows the browser sites your visitors use based on your Google Analytics data.
1. Connect with Google
2. Choose your Google Analytics profile
3. There is no step 3, all the data is shown instantly!
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Building great web experiences is frustrating and complex. Polypane makes it easy.
Polypane is a cross-platform browser and devtool to develop, debug and test sites and apps twice as fast. Be confident your sites and apps work everywhere and for everyone.
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