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The community submitted 2 reviews to tell us what they like about Plottr, what Plottr can do better, and more.
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Deej Tulleken
Marketer, Maker, NFTs.
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Review of Plottr

I've never found a visual plotter that I didn't quickly become disenchanted with, but Plottr is very easy to get to grips with, very flexible when it comes to adjusting your structure rapidly, and ultimately a very attractive and legible way to get a high-level breakdown of your story structure.


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Review of Plottr
Plottr looks good at first glance it works also good in the beginning. However, when your content gets just a bit complex, it makes you lose it. I lost many hours of work. Plus, the export function will create an unreadable word document. Their support is aware of it but not able to fix it. So better stay away is my conclusion.