Visually plot out your novel 📚✍️

A visual story plotting tool that makes it simple to plan out your next novel. Drag and drop scenes, and plot lines. Keep all your notes in one place. Make characters and places with ease. It helps you to organize, simplify, and have more time for writing!

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I wish I was a writer so I could use this
Can't really form an opinion myself but it looks like it'd be super helpful. Sending it out to my writer friends!
Such an amazing idea. It really helps to publish the novel so fast and easily without any haste of time.
I used this the other night to get a long-gestating story out. The multiple-timeline view is fantastic and really easy to rearrange intertwining narratives. It's more sophisticated approach than Scrivener's corkboard and more flexible than a physical corkboard / index cards without having a whole lot of spare floor or wall space. Also, there's no need to have all your timelines arranged chronologically (although naturally that makes sense), as these work just as well to plan out your story beats in a non-linear story. I didn't venture too far into the other features as they're reasonably well represented in other apps. What I think would take this to the next level is if the story nodes/beats/scenes/chapters/whatever had multiple levels of granularity, so you could organise your timelines from a high level, then move into more specific breakdowns, until you decide you want to get into the actual prose for that breakdown.
@deejtulleken Really good ideas about the multiple levels of granularity. So like chapters, scenes, etc?
Cool concept, I’ll try it!