PlatoWork Brain Stimulator

Wearable to boost your memory, focus and creativity
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What do people think of PlatoWork Brain Stimulator?

The community submitted 4 reviews to tell us what they like about PlatoWork Brain Stimulator, what PlatoWork Brain Stimulator can do better, and more.
What do you think about PlatoWork Brain Stimulator?
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4 Reviews
Gevorg Poghosyan
10 reviews
Recommended this product

it claims to solve a real problem I have, and it seems a real solution. I think I'll try one!


Arthur Manukyan
8 reviews
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I just backed it!


Meghy Bellesy
1 review
Does not recommend this product
As many people in here I was very excited about this product and Put some money aside to buy it. Once I've received it I couldn't use it for more than 6/7 mins because the connection would get interrupted no matter how many times I tried. After emailing for support it turns out there was a problem with the iOS app. Once this got fixed the situation hasn't improved much. It's really hard to make the headset fit, meaning that the sponges ALMOST NEVER touch my scalp Properly, if the front one touches my skin then the back one doesn't & viceversa, no matter how much i tighten/ clamp the headset. I Have to hold the sponges down for the first minutes and/ or someone has to help me. The few times I finally managed to get connected (most of the times the session just ends automatically 😡) it wasn't for long. Very rarely I can do a session for 30 mins. The headset is super uncomfortable and it takes sooo many attempts to make it work that by the time I start a session I'm frustrated and upset ... and obviously cannot concentrate, beside It comes natural to always check the timer since the majority of the time the session interrupt/ ends, that's very distracting, there should be a sound instead. I have long thick hair and I have learnt to use the product only the day I wash it because it would ruin my hairstyle otherwise (my hair is very weavy, I straighten it pretty much every day, but having to wet the sponges a lot, means that part of my hair would get weavy and all the rest is straight). The few times the sponges connect and I manage to go through a session, the headset hurts, it really really bothers me, it's very very itchy. At least before I could feel the current on my forehead, after the last update the device is no longer strong enough and I feel literally nothing. I have attempted using it today for 3 times after leaving it in the corner of my office for 3 months because I used to get sooo frustrated that I was about to throw the headset against the wAll, no matter how many times I try it's sooo hard and frustrating making it fit on my head, once tighten up it really hurts my cranium. 3 months later and I hAve exactly the same poor experience and therefore I'm here thinking to either destroy it with a hammer (it would give me a certain degree of satisfaction honestly) or just give it to someone in my family. Before I was thinking to sell it to someone as many people (friends, colleague, fellow Uni students) have asked me about it, but I obviously told everyone the PlatoWork is useless and just bring anger and frustration... so no one wants it anymore. I wish I bought some nice branded shoes instead of this device 😢

1 review
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