PlatoWork Brain Stimulator

Wearable to boost your memory, focus and creativity

PlatoWork is the first of its kind: a plug'n'play neurostimulation headset for boosting cognition. The headset uses safe and well-known tDCS technology to optimize your brain’s ability to learn, create, concentrate and rethink.
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Hi Product Hunt. I'm the CEO of PlatoScience; a Copenhagen based team of neuroscientists, engineers, designers and doctors dedicated to letting you unleash the full potential of your brain in a safe and simple way. Together we’ve created PlatoWork - a wearable designed to boost your cognitive performance. PlatoWork uses a safe and well-known technology called tDCS, which adds a small electric current to help you accelerate processes such as learning, focusing and creative problem solving. The headset is a plug’n’play device, controlled by an app (iOS/Android) It might sound like science fiction, but actually it’s just science 😊 Please let me know if you have any questions!
I need this in my life. But before that, i have a question. How often I can use your product each day and how much time should be between the sessions?
@lusine_navasardyan We do not recommend to use the headset more than 30min per day. This is not because there are any known complications with more than 30 minutes usage, but because this is the current norm within studies of tDCS.
If it meets all the claims, looks really very interesting... how many people you have testing this and how long you should use it on a daily basis?
@narek_vardanyan We currently have around 200 active users and PLatoWork has been tested on more than 500 individuals. The recommended use time is 30 minutes per day or one full session.
@lynne_hale are there any reports of the tests you made?
@gevorg_poghosyan Our pilot studies show increased creativity when using the PlatoWork headset, but the results of the study need to reproduced in a sham-controlled setup. Our preliminary datas from our cognitive studies show, that PlatoWork increases working memory and logic thinking compared to sham. There are no reports yet, but a lot of independent studies have been published about tDCS technology and cognition. You can find a few of them of our website
@lynne_hale thanks, cool then!
Are the effects only active during the 30 mins recommend period or does it last even if you take it off?

I just backed it!


if it works every single person who works hard will need this


haven't seen an alternative