The best alternatives to Pictionary for iMessage are Monet, Gamebytes, and The Word Of The Day Is. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Pictionary for iMessage
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  • Sometimes words just aren't enough... on Monet, send a drawing to make a new connection. :~)

  • Play games directly in iMessage and make new friends to play with. Gamebytes brings a fresh collection of games to iMessage along with a dedicated chat app to be the home for all your chat games.

  • A daily guessing game that goes down in Slack. Whoever guesses the “word of the day” first wins $1,000. Start guessing today!

  • The idea is simple. Take a piece of paper and divide into three parts. Player 1 draws the head, player 2 the body, and player 3 the feet. In the end, a funny creature reveals itself. Now imagine this, just on y...

  • Guess the word - the world’s best brain teaser and brain sharpening game, loved and played by millions of people all over the world. This Guess the Word game will help you increase your vocabulary and polish yo...

  • Players prompt each other with a word to draw. They pass on the drawing to the next player to guess, and the game goes on. In this chain of drawing and guessing, see how much gets lost in translation!

  • Word game where your goal is to figure out the hidden word in as few guesses as possible. Unlimited play, continues guesses, and try playing with three, four, five, or six letter words for different levels of d...

  • We help you solve the Wordle puzzle by using your current guesses. We cross reference a dictionary of common 5-letter words to help you solve the daily Wordle puzzle.