The best alternatives to Pawprint are Klima, Kuri, and VYVE. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Pawprint
  • Klima is a climate app that allows you to become carbon neutral with the tap of a button. Calculate your carbon footprint, offset it by supporting verified climate projects, and go carbon neutral in under three minutes.
  • Kuri suggests low-carbon recipes that fit your dietary preferences, and adapt to what's in season around you.
  • VYVE keeps track of your carbon impact from every journey. And we keep a log, so you can compare your carbon emissions week to week. Information is power and we want to inspire you to take control, set your own bar, reduce and offset the rest.
  • Take control of your plastic consumption through our goal-focused zero waste experience.
  • Automatically track your carbon footprint with Reduce. The app calculates your carbon footprint based on your personal spending habits and other preferences. You can set goals to reduce your impact over time, or you can offset it by buying carbon credits.
  • Trying to live a lower-carbon life can be hard. Globo will help you track your carbon footprint, go carbon neutral or climate positive, and improve your impact on the climate.
  • With mindful mission you can measure, reduce and remove your unavoidable emissions via a monthly subscription at around 8 USD/month. We support United Nations certified climate protection projects that offset your emissions to make you climate neutral.