The best alternatives to Nugget are Clyp, AudioNotes, and VocalBird. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Nugget
  • Easiest way to record and share audio clips
  • AudioNotes is a macOS menu bar app that helps you record and share audio messages really easily.
  • VocalBird is an extension enabling you to record audio messages on any page. You then get a link to your message that you can share. You get the productivity boost of async messages, the personal touch of audio, and the flexibility to use them anywhere!
  • Share your voice to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media with Audiom. Simply record your voice add colors, change sound wave types or even insert a photo or video as background. Also, you can add your avatar!
  • Voice Recorder Pro is designed to meet all your recording needs and help you work efficiently, including Audio Recording, Playback, Management, Sharing, Editing, and more. Let everything be in perfect order.
  • Open Source, Ad-Free, Simple & Lightweight Android App πŸ”₯ Supported on android mobile and tablet devices. Source Code:
  • Create & share extraordinary audio moments.