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What is NovoChat?
Business chat tools don't cover messaging apps WhatsApp or Telegram conversations. NovoChat makes it easy for businesses to communicate with customers across any messaging app.

NovoChat tech stack

We're aware of 8 technologies that NovoChat is built with. NovoChat utilizes products like Microsoft Clarity, Facebook in their tech stack

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WhatsApp Marketing Templates
WhatsApp Templates is a curated directory of 100+ chat templates for WhatsApp marketing.
Sourced from best-performing campaigns, it's sorted across 12 industries and 12 use cases, from e-commerce to recruitment.
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WhatsApp Broadcast by NovoChat
WhatsApp Broadcast by NovoChat enables you to send personalized WhatsApp messages to existing or new contacts in bulk. Personalize individual messages in your CSV, upload it, and see your messages get sent!
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