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The best alternatives to Nearby Vaccine Finder are COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, Vaccination Standby List, and VaxNow COVID Edition. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Nearby Vaccine Finder
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • A live dashboard of how the COVID-19 vaccine is being administered across the globe.

  • Vaccination locations sometimes have unused, extra doses of COVID vaccine they must either use or throw out. We give providers like pharmacies or clinics with leftover doses a way to reach nearby people looking...

  • Crowd-cure.com is an easy way to track your health during COVID-19 whilst also providing Drs with life saving data. It takes just 60 seconds a day with the data you share sent directly to those working on the f...

  • In the absence of an official vaccine standby or waitlist system, I made a website dedicated to crowdsourcing intel about local COVID-19 vaccine groups that have information about unused/soon-to-expire doses!

  • Welcome to GoGetVax, a complete end-to-end vaccine distribution platform. Vaccine distribution shouldn’t be difficult. We’re making it easy. We built GoGetVax to rapidly deploy, scale, and deliver accessible CO...

  • Find clinics offering Pfizer vaccines around the country. Get notified when vaccine appointments available near you

  • Covid vaccines should never expire because of government inaction. Let's get expiring vaccines where they're needed. VaxExchange finds organizations with expiring vaccines, and those looking for them (often int...

  • Just load your QR Code and ID Card as screenshots and the next time you need to display them, you have them ready to go via 2G Quick Card.