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The best alternatives to Mood Climate are Teamworki, Elin – AI-driven Culture Officer, and HappyTeam. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Mood Climate
monday.com for startups
Take your startup to the next level with one smart platform

  • We help tech companies gauge employee morale and performance. Get powerful analytics based on feedback surveys, retrospectives, and one on ones.

  • AI-based team engagement tool that analyzes Slack public channels, visualizes real-time people analytics on a dashboard and provides coaching on lowest metrics

  • The simplest way to keep a pulse on your team's mental health and well-being. Built for managers and leaders to ensure their organization is seen and heard.

  • Moodbit is a People Analytics company with a clear focus on Employee Engagement. Using ML/AI we provide them with real-time analytics for managers and HR on their teams engagement scores. On top of that, we sen...

  • PERKS is for Remote Teams, Startups, Gig Workers, Students and many more! The future of work needs a new system to provide people the tools they need to live a happy and productive work life. We built PERKS to ...

  • ZenSurvey helps companies measure employee happiness and collect honest feedback via weekly pulse surveys. It takes only 5 minutes to set up and is forever free.

  • A temperature check tool to help your team reflect, learn, and continuously improve.

  • ShuffleMe uses A.I. to automatically track active and passive social media behavior to determine your mood via facial micro-expressions in real-time. ShuffleMe helps you to understand which social media apps an...

  • Level provides automated, anonymous employee pulse surveys. The summarized results are made available to both managers and team members, so everyone gets value from the surveys. Premium subscribers can customiz...