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The best alternatives to MetaSapiens NFT are Duskbreakers, Wrasslers, and Côtes Numériques. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to MetaSapiens NFT
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  • Duskbreakers is an interactive world-building experience powered by blockchain. The choices we make collectively will irrevocably change the course of history across an exciting new alternate universe. Come han...

  • Wrasslers is an open and on-chain wrestling platform for NFTs. Choose any NFT you own as your wrassler, compete, level up and earn. https://wrasslers.com/

  • Côtes Numériques is a dematerialized wallclock. The design of Côtes Numériques uses a decorative technique dear to Swiss watchmaking: the côtes de Genève. Small circle: the hours, the medium circle: the minutes...

  • Crypto Kombat is the first of its kind game NFT on the blockchain, where the heroes of the battles are influencers, famous developers, creators of crypto projects, exchanges, and entrepreneurs from the crypto s...

  • An NFT race horse game where you can breed, collect and race horses on the Ethereum blockchain. You can win "cash" prizes and increase your stable size.