The best alternatives to are Hotjar, ruttl, and ProdPad. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to
  • Hotjar’s visual insights, user feedback, and live interviews show you what site visitors do, and why they do it. Access all the insights you need in one place and join 1.1 million websites in 180+ countries who already use Hotjar to turn their clicks into conversions. Install a single script and get started for free.
  • ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool that allows you to leave comments directly on live websites and make real-time CSS edits, so that you can share precise feedback with your team.
  • ProdPad is product management software that helps product managers develop product strategy. Easily manage teams, customers and roadmaps. Free trial!
  • Working out what features your customers want is messy business. Frill makes light work of collecting, prioritising and communicating these feature updates.
  • Queue helps web designers avoid confusing feedback by letting their team and clients leave comments directly on the live website so projects are finished 10x faster. Just paste a URL into Queue to enable commenting directly on the website.
  • Free Figma Plugin: Not in Figma? Try the desktop app:
  • Delight your customers with discussion boards where they can ask questions, give feedback, get updates, vote on features, and way more. It takes a minute to setup and are great for communities of any size. Sign up, create a board, and start posting!
  • Campfire gives you the tools and functionality to successfully collect and retain user feedback. Easily integrates onto any website. Works on any device. 🔥 Exclusively on CodeCanyon
  • Browser extension for taking screenshots of any website, with set of handy tools to edit them (e.g. draw arrows, add comments) and integrations allowing to add them directly to your systems (e.g. Jira, Trello).
  • Add plugin to your website and automate feedback collection. No login required. Just enter your email and I'll return a script with private key. When a visitor provides feedback, I'll send it to you via email.