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Make employees super engaged, recognized, and appreciated
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Lucky Carrot was ranked at #1 SaaS for 2021
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What is Lucky Carrot?
Lucky Carrot is an All-in-One Employee Engagement Platform: ⠀ ◾ enables the employees to recognize each other, ◾ brings visibility to employees’ achievements, ◾ makes the employees’ voice heard through surveys, ◾ gives insights to enhance employee engagement.
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Recent launches

Lucky Carrot app for Zoom
A recognition platform where professionals appreciate hard work, celebrate achievements and highlight the productive moments during Zoom meetings. Whether a team meeting, business interaction, a webinar, brighten up someone’s day making them feel appreciated.
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Lucky Carrot 2.0
A recognition platform that enables everyone to appreciate hard work, celebrate achievements and say thank you by sending virtual carrots to a teammate, partner, or any professional. Later, the collected carrots can be redeemed into gift cards and experiences.
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