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The best alternatives to Kuri are Stripe, Treepoints, and EcoCart. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Kuri
  • Accept payments, send payouts, automate financial processes, and ultimately grow revenue.

  • Treepoints is revolutionising the fight against climate change. A simple planet positive subscription to offset your entire carbon footprint, plant trees and prevent plastic pollution. Plus earn points for your climate action to spend on sustainable brands.

  • EcoCart is a free chrome extension that automatically offsets your carbon footprint when you shop. Install in 2 clicks and start saving the planet today! Would love to hear your feedback 🌱

  • Automatically track the carbon footprint of every purchase, counter it by funding projects that save rainforests, create renewable energy or remove carbon, get guidance to make your daily life more eco-friendly. Climate positive investing coming soon.

  • Create your profile, calculate your yearly carbon emissions and offset them with a simple monthly subscription. Choose from 27 different offset programs across 17 countries and read up on your program’s overview, impact and what species of trees are planted.

  • Save money for fighting climate change. Start by offsetting your personal carbon footprint, then reduce your climate impact with year-round savings at sustainable brands.

  • The website carbon calculator measures your website's carbon emissions. Page weight has been growing for years and this makes the web a huge energy consumer. We want people to consider the impact their websites have on the planet.

  • Enable organisations to turn ESG ambitions into action with a mobile app to track, reduce at source and offset their workforce’s carbon emissions.

  • Carbon Interface is an API for developers to easily and accurately calculate carbon emissions generated from common emitting activities such as shipping packages, flights and electricity generation in the US and Canada.

  • VYVE keeps track of your carbon impact from every journey. And we keep a log, so you can compare your carbon emissions week to week. Information is power and we want to inspire you to take control, set your own bar, reduce and offset the rest.

  • Find out which vegetables and fruits are in season right now

  • Pawprint empowers people to fight climate change by helping them measure, understand & reduce their carbon footprint. We are live now for consumers & are now developing a business product which already has Brewdog & Standard Life Aberdeen as customers.

  • Cryptocurrencies produce a substantial carbon footprint. Canopi enables anyone to measure and eliminate those emissions. The calculator is powered by our Climate API, which is also helping companies across fintech, e-commerce, transportation, & travel.

  • ByCycling is an automatic Day-to-Day cycling tracker that inspires you to switch wasted time in traffic for active time when commuting. We work together with employers around the world to stimulate biking to work and in that way, allowing people to earn great rewards in exchange for their effort, as it could be cash or extra paid holiday time.

  • (#1) See Emissions of Everyday Products πŸ’¨ (#2) Track The Carbon Footprint of Any Purchase 🎁 (#3) Offset Your Carbon Footprint 🌿 (#4) Compete With Friends 🍻 --- We're Planting One 🌳 for Every New Install! https://tinyurl.com/ycocdzr6

  • Remark is an app to send sustainability feedback to business decision-makers. Examples: Ask a restaurant to stop using styrofoam or tell a retailer to skip the excessive packaging. The goal? Stop waste at the source. Available in the U.S. only, Intl soon

  • Carbon Donut makes climate action easy. πŸ‘£ Measure your climate impact 🧠 Learn about emissions πŸ† Take climate action & track your progress πŸ’° Unlock climate-smart deals Download ➑️ carbondonut.com

  • POGO is the first charitable fundraising platform, powered by purpose driven brands. When users donate to charity on POGO they unlock exclusive discounts, prizes and rewards from their favourite, forward-thinking, ethical brands.

  • Read the composition label of the clothes you are wearing, insert the composition on FindFootPrint and discover the minimum footprint of your clothes, based on 20+ Scientific Researches.

  • Track your spending across multiple virtual accounts! In doing so, Monetaria will show how you can increase your savings and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn how you can adopt better habits and what you can do to help reach the Paris 1.5 Celsius targets.