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Insumo, your lifeline to regain control. Got a task? Drop it in your inbox. Kick-start your day by allocating tasks from your inbox to your daily board in just five minutes. From there, timebox your schedule with a simple drag and drop. Insumo revolutionizes task management, customizing your day for optimal efficiency. Not only you can you seamlessly integrate tasks from Todoist and Asana directly into Insumo, but AI will also assist you in optimal timeboxing.
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Insumo AI tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Insumo AI is built with. Insumo AI utilizes products like Wix, Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

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Insumo AI
Simply spend just 5 minutes every morning to plan the day ahead. With our seamless drag-drop system, organize your day in tasks, picking from a pool of your calendar events, to-dos, and routine tasks.
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Insumo emails is your personalized productivity assistant that shows your calendar and cherry-picked habits to achieve your productivity goal in one simple email.
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