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The best alternatives to HomeSlice are Huthunt, Yoroomie App, and Dwell. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to HomeSlice
Causal for Startups
Put finance on autopilot and save yourself 10+ hrs/month

  • A social way to find no-fee apartments and roommates (NYC)

  • Find the right roomie

  • Dwell makes it easy for roommates to manage bills and chores around the house. No more worrying about who's supposed to do what chore when. No more chasing down bill payments and calculating split. Simple make ...

  • Find the perfect roommate: Interests, location, budget

  • Shared living can be tough. From bugging your housemates for rent, to working out who owes who after a night out, to running out of everyday essentials. We think shared living should be easy - that’s why we mad...

  • Add your roommates, set up tasks, events and expenses and manage it all in one convenient and easy to use app. Enzo can make living together a breeze and simplify daily chores. Give it a try & Transform your Li...