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What do people think of HackerNoon?

The community submitted 49 reviews to tell us what they like about HackerNoon, what HackerNoon can do better, and more.
What do you think about HackerNoon?
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49 Reviews
verlaine j muhungu
Technical writer and devoted learner 📚
6 reviews
i appreciate hackernoon as a contributor,the writing experience on the platform is unique. when it comes to boost the views as a contributor,the platforms presented in some guide don't work as expected. Den is a blockchain and hackernoon is present on the platform,it's buggy as a contributor it's not easy to work in such conditions ! what i want from from hackernoon is to assist contributors when have difficulties,one pf the reviewers told me it's beyond their control. a little bit upset

Linh Dao Smooke

Founder & Leadership

2 reviews
my baby <3 7 years and counting! love the team, the product, and all the struggles!

Yaroslav Kirov
Support Magician
1 review
Great App with Some Minor Issues I've been using this app for a while now, and overall, I really like it. It has a sleek design, and most of its functions work flawlessly. However, I've encountered a couple of issues on my specific phone that I hope can be addressed in future updates. Firstly, I've noticed that I can't exit the app using the Back button. It's a minor inconvenience, but it would be great if this could be fixed because it's a standard feature in most apps. Secondly, I've had trouble changing my Avatar within the app. It might be a compatibility issue with my device, but it's something that could enhance the user experience if resolved. Despite these small hiccups, I still find the app quite useful and enjoyable to use. I'm looking forward to seeing improvements in future updates. Keep up the good work!

Kemal Karatas
just tech update and bugs.
8 reviews
Hacker Noon initiated as a part of medium. When medium tried to acquire freecodecamp and hacker noon, became a vital documentation website. I found many articles about blockchain, cybersecurity and other technical topics.


Community & Support

1 review
I really love this App. All articles in 1 app.

Hacker Noon Support
hackernoon support
1 review
Data, data, data! Great source for quantitative insights about tech companies.

I am impressed with the App, HackerNoon. I look forward to writing more content (whether for fun or for money). Congratulations @smooke , and @kientdao

HackerNoon is my favourite technology news portal!

Super Express
1 review
This App is 💎, NO one can beat Hackernoon .

عدي الخطيب
1 review