The best alternatives to Gmail Mail Merge are Nova, Amit Agarwal, and LeadFuze. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Gmail Mail Merge
  • Helping salespeople write personalized emails at scale
  • is a technology blog started in 2004 by Amit Agarwal, India's first professional blogger. A techie at heart and a writer by virtue of his profession, Amit has a lot more to offer.
  • was first indexed by Google more than 10 years ago
  • QGraph is a SEGMENT-OF-ONE Marketing Automation platform for the Mobile era.
  • Automate personalized emails for ecommerce (YC15)
  • Send Personalized Emails directly from your Gmail account using our G-Suite Add-on. You can send upto 600 emails using free Gmail account or upto 2000 emails using paid Google Workspace account You can track your email opens, bounces, etc.
  • Waypoint is an email API designed for collaborative software teams. Use no-code tools to build email notifications faster than ever.
  • Smart segmentation that lets you send more personal emails.
  • Relevon is the easiest way to send personalized product emails based on what's happening in your store. 🛒 Increase your revenue while spending less time doing email marketing. Just set it and forget your ecommerce email campaigns w/ 🌴
  • The easiest way to manage your email campaigns for Gmail. Easily schedule multiple email campaigns and automate your email sequence follow-ups quickly and securely. Go Mail Merge is the most advanced email campaign manager for Gmail.
  • Personalized emails checking in on your startup progress
  • Send promotion, holiday greetings (with emojis), event invites, school assignments, press releases, schedule birthday messages in advance, create rich email newsletters or reach existing customers with any upcoming offers in your store.