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What is Flickonic?
Flickonic is an entertainment-focused social media app, connecting viewers to their show communities – instantly. 🎥 Interact with snackable content, spoiler-free 💬 Join chats around your favorite shows, anytime 🍿 Discover what communities are up to & more!

Flickonic tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Flickonic is built with. Flickonic utilizes products like Google, Facebook in their tech stack

Recent launches

Flickonic 2.0
Finding what to watch, keeping track of what’s out there & what you’ve seen has become too hard. Flickonic allows you to: •track & rate movies/series •discover & create social watchlists •get+give personal recommendations •connect with friends …all in one app!
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Gilmore Girls Themed Wordle
Wordle is a popular game with the aim of guessing a hidden five-letter word in six tries. This version (Gilmordle) lets you guess words that are related to the hit show – Gilmore Girls!
Gilmore Girls Themed Wordle image
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