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What is Felix Gray?
We make the most advanced eyewear on the market because no one filters Blue Light like we do. Click here to learn about Felix Gray's designer eyewear. Shop now!

Felix Gray tech stack

We're aware of 11 technologies that Felix Gray is built with. Felix Gray utilizes products like Shopify, Microsoft Clarity in their tech stack

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Felix Gray Computer Glasses

Are you engaged to your computer, tablet, phone or books? And do you often feel eye strain, headache and blurred vision? If yes, then you should consider getting some of these Felix Gray Computer Glasses. They have an anti-glare coating, blue light filter and magnification to help your eye muscles.

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Questions about Felix Gray

Frequently asked questions

Felix Grey Glasses start at $95. Nonprescription magnifiers (also called "readers") cost the same amount.

Yes. Blue light glasses are proven to reduce eye strain for people who look at screens for prolonged periods of time.

Felix Grey has a variety of eyewear options to suit your gaming or computer needs.

Felix Grey Glasses makes an array of eyewear products to help with the daily strain our eyes go through by staring at computers, tablets, phones, and books.

Their goal is "Digital Wellness", which is why all of their products are backed by research to be as effective as possible, such as their "Clear"; Blue light glasses that help with digital device use, or their "Amber" Blue light glasses which help improve your quality of sleep.