Ethereum Syllabus

Ethereum Syllabus

A complete Ethereum learning track, packed with resources
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What is Ethereum Syllabus?
Working with the creator of this successful reddit post, we turned it into a complete syllabus for learning Ethereum. Each section of the syllabus has a detailed summary, and also a bunch of curated resources discovered from around the web. It can be overwhelming learning a new topic, so we created this track to give direction to new learners.
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Stellar Syllabus

I and a few other Stellar community members saw thousands of people basing their knowledge off of short headlines and Reddit posts. So, in order to provide more in-depth information, we worked for 2 weeks to write a 25+ page Google Doc, which was then transformed into a NoviceDock syllabus with over 50 resources.

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Monero Syllabus

This syllabus is divided into sections. Each section gives you a detailed summary about the topic, as well as a ton of resources to go learn that section.

It was written by Justin, a Monero enthusiest on the community team. He has travelled all around Europe to speak around the coin, and has packed all his knowledge into this learning track.

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