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The best alternatives to EsyFit are Boostcamp, Fitso, and DeepSport. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to EsyFit
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  • Boostcamp is a free fitness education app for beginners of all levels. We partner with world-class coaches to create workout programs (at-home, gym, cardio) that are progression-based and customizable. Join Boo...

  • Social fitness activities

  • DeepSport is an AI fitness app utilizing Human Pose Estimation model. It aims increasing efficiency during training through real-time feedbacks for regular exercisers at beginner/intermediate level but may need...

  • cure.fit is a health and fitness powerhouse that takes a holistic approach to physical and mental well being. At cure.fit, we make group workouts fun, daily food healthy & tasty, mental fitness easy with yoga &...

  • Coachy is a smart training partner for all your workouts, regardless of what equipment you have. In addition, you can observe the exercises in 3D. Completely optimized for the macOS experience.

  • TheOptimal.me helps people 50+ to stay mobile, flexible and stable with a functional fitness program dedicated to full body workouts.