The best alternatives to Draw Battle are GRAFFITY - AR Video Chat, SuperPaint - Virtual Graffiti, and Retro Sketch | Magic Screen. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Draw Battle
  • Graffity inc, Game Director / AWE Nite Tokyo代表 ARの未来について日々考えています!行くぜ、AR!
  • Create your own graffiti in the virtual world with SuperPaint! Leave art around the world for your followers to find.
  • • The original magic screen that’s fun and easy to use! • Left knob draws left and right; right knob draws up and down. Turn both knobs together for angles and curves! • When you're done, turn over and shake to erase — then, start the fun all over again! • Retro Sketch is for ages 3+.
  • PenPlay is a Machine Learning based drawing mobile game which brings joy and education together with a delightful experience. Our game is enriched with super amazing features. We present different game modes, such as swift painting, mirror painting.
  • A fun way to connect with family and friends. Free to try, no signup or download. Just share a link! Play as a group in real time and win points by drawing and guessing. Send your friends a drawing to see if they can guess what it is.
  • The addicting circle drawing game by Matt Round has a new home on! How steady are your hands?
  • Unscramble your way through our free, collaborative, brain-teasing challenges that will test your linguistic prowess. Whether you're an expert wordsmith or just love a good puzzle, Anagrams will make your Microsoft Teams meetings the most fun to join.
  • The idea is simple. Take a piece of paper and divide into three parts. Player 1 draws the head, player 2 the body, and player 3 the feet. In the end, a funny creature reveals itself. Now imagine this, just on your smartphone – the possibilities are endless-)
  • Draw some cool sh*t, laugh while guessing, and make them NFTs!
  • A game where a ball is advancing by itself. You can decide if this ball should dash or not by pressing the "Dash" button. There are walls along the way that gets destroyed if you touch them.
  • laserDRAW turns your phone into a laser! Draw in mid-air against the clock using augmented reality while your friends guess the picture, or use practice mode to create 3D masterpieces solo.
  • Sunlighter isn't your typical music newsletter. We focus on curating music recommendations and providing snippets of deep insights into the music industry so you can tell your friends, “I knew about them before they got big!”
  • Dive into a captivating game where you match inventors to their creations based on looks alone. Unveil fascinating stories behind groundbreaking innovations while sharpening your intuition and learning about history's hidden gems! 🚀💡
  • A gamified short-form video platform that leverages music, AI and industry level CGI to transform user videos into interactive shorts.
  • More than three years to finish it, someday I will finish the trilogy. He is a Castlevania type game. It has more than 50 scenarios, I lost count of the enemies, and many objects. The narrative is told in comic book format, with some 2D animated scenes.
  • A creative drawing game of horrific hilarity