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The standby list for COVID vaccines
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Blah blah
Wait times are a lie. Not a good service. You will be waiting longer than 3 hours for your prescription. Use a better service. Don’t use this for paxlovid, you might die waiting. Do your research on this company, they promised to get people vaccines during the earlier part of the pandemic, yet no one received one, but they sold all those people's data. Search for the news articles. This company is not ethical, steer clear. Update: After I did my consult at 1PM Friday, a doctor called me NEXT DAY SATURDAY at 8AM. I was not told to expect this and I missed it. Horrible service. Might as well wait at a free clinic.

Kim Parsons
MD. PhD. Author.
1 review
Really loving the new Dr.B website. Their new offerings will make health care accessible to more Americans than ever before.

Ivan F
Ivan F
1 review
Dr. B's platform is one-of-a-kind! I found what I was looking for quickly and easily.

Natasha Fullerton
In Progress
1 review
What an innovative platform - Kudos!

Thomas Schierenbeck
MD, entrepreneur & education enthusiast
2 reviews
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Dr. B is AMAZING! It's so great you guys built this!