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What is Corptape?
Are you a startupper? Or are you an investor? To both, STOP wasting time by searching for the right investments! Join our platform and we’ll find you the perfect business partner. You’ll just have to meet and approve each other, nothing more.

Corptape tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Corptape is built with. Corptape utilizes products like Product Hunt, Next.js in their tech stack

Recent launches

Mix it up!
So, thanks to the stupid covid networking became a real nightmare.
So we created a monthly FREE NETWORKING EVENT for startuppers and innovators?
Surround yourself with amazing people, change the world 🌏
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The Startup Shop
We’ve never found another online shop like The Startup Shop, where anyone can buy whatever startup product. It enhances the marketing part of startups: they have at hand a wide range of custom items, and they become known thanks to the window on our shop.
The Startup Shop image
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