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The community submitted 2 reviews to tell us what they like about Conduit, what Conduit can do better, and more.
What do you think about Conduit?
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Dave Jeffery
Founder of ToDesktop
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Review of Conduit
✨ I've been using Conduit for nearly a month now. It's magical, super-simple and it's already impeccably polished. Here's how I use it. 1. I gather feedback and feature requests from customers. Right now, I enter the insights manually but I'm excited that I can allow my customers to enter it themselves and vote on them. I'll be adding this to my app soon. 2. I funnel the insights into tangible features and actionable tasks. 3. I organize the features and tasks into releases. 💜 It's really that simple. None of the red-tape and bloat associated with some other tools. I've finally got a handle on product management and planning. Final note: Isaac's progress on Conduit has been relentless. I'm blown away when I reach out with a suggestion and the next day he emails me to tell me it's done!

Johnson Ogwuru
Full stack developer
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Review of Conduit
From the day Isaac shared the Figma prototype to the products launch day, something has been consistent, its design and ease of use. Great Job Isaac