Product management software for product-first teams

Conduit helps you decide what to build, and why. With Conduit, you can:
🛠Create features and tasks to align to releases
📬Aggregate user feedback in one central location
🚀Tightly integrate product feedback with product planning
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👋🏾Hey everyone! I'm Isaac, the Indie Founder (thanks @corey_gwin) behind Conduit. I'm super excited to be launching here today! 📖The story Just 7 months ago, I was working as an Associate PM feeling frustrated with how engineering teams were being spoonfed requirements. So I quit my job, enrolled in Lambda School, and have been hacking away on Conduit for the last 12 weeks. 🤔The why There's a lot of issue management tools, but very few to help teams decide what to build and why they're building it. The tools that do exist are designed for PMs, while I believe that "product" is a thing that the company does rather than a single function. 🚀The journey While there's been incredible progress on Pioneer (, I realise how dangerous it is to build this in isolation. So I'm deciding to launch early to gather real feedback. ❓The ask Very much still in beta, but any feedback is welcome. Particularly interested in how to make this more appealing to self-managed engineering teams. You can DM me or drop me a line at 🎉 Bonus: Early reference customers will get a generous discount!
✨ I've been using Conduit for nearly a month now. It's magical, super-simple and it's already impeccably polished. Here's how I use it. 1. I gather feedback and feature requests from customers. Right now, I enter the insights manually but I'm excited that I can allow my customers to enter it themselves and vote on them. I'll be adding this to my app soon. 2. I funnel the insights into tangible features and actionable tasks. 3. I organize the features and tasks into releases. 💜 It's really that simple. None of the red-tape and bloat associated with some other tools. I've finally got a handle on product management and planning. Final note: Isaac's progress on Conduit has been relentless. I'm blown away when I reach out with a suggestion and the next day he emails me to tell me it's done!
@davej Thank you so much Dave, this means so much to me 😭. I must also thank you for providing such an easy way to get Conduit's Desktop app up and running 🎉
Congratulations on the launch Isaac!
@samarvirs Thank you so much, and for your support throughout Conduit's journey 🙏🏾
I've been following Conduit development and Isaac has been constantly blowing my mind in every update. It's just insane the level of polishing in only 3 months being a solo developer.
@daquinons This means so much to me man. Thank you for all of your support along the journey, so excited to see where this leads 🎯
From the day Isaac shared the Figma prototype to the products launch day, something has been consistent, its design and ease of use. Great Job Isaac
@devopsjay Hi Johnson! This really means a lot to me, thank you so much.