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What is Clerk?
Clerk streamlines adding advanced user authentication and management to apps for developers and businesses. Offering prebuilt components for secure logins, authentication, and user profile management, it enhances user experience and data security. Supporting frameworks like React and Next.js, Clerk enables quick integration of features like sign-up, sign-in, and multi-factor authentication, bypassing the need to build from scratch.

Clerk tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Clerk is built with. Clerk utilizes products like Hotjar, Next.js in their tech stack

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Clerk gives you more than just a "sign-in box". You get a complete set of User Management UIs and APIs, including a powerful Admin Dashboard. Purpose-built for React, Next.js, and the Modern Web. Finally, an auth service that "just works".
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Session Management by Clerk
Speed up your application with sub-millisecond authentication, mitigate hackers with active device management and revocation, and much more.
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