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The best alternatives to Cappuccino are getstream.io, Big News, and Wigglegram - 3D wigglegrams for Android. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Cappuccino
Bubbles for Teams
Bubbles for Teams
End live meeting fatigue with async video collaboration

  • Scalable & Fast API for building social networks, activity feeds,activity streams and chat apps. Techstars NYC 2015 - Build scalable feeds, activity streams & chat in a few hours instead of weeks.

  • Big News seamlessly combines different sources from across the web – like newsletters and RSS feeds – into one unified reading experience.

  • Wigglegram is a series of photos of the particular object from a different angle. When the photos are combined in a short animation they become three-dimensional thanks to optical illusion! Make the 3D photo si...

  • Share your message safely

  • Get rid of all the Feedreader apps and use Notion as a Feed Reader. Manage your Feed Sources and Feed Items in a single place. Star your items, mark them as Read. Get daily feed updates.

  • RSS3 is an open protocol designed for content and social networks in the Web 3.0 era. Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RSS3/

  • Enkel is a clean and simple RSS reader. If you like me, you probably have multiple news apps or sick go being bombarded with images and popups. I aim to simplify the way you aggregate and check your news. Inspi...

  • Tame your feed and consume the content that truly matters to you by choosing how much content you want to read, and on which schedule. Not only this, you can also explore and subscribe to your favourite newslet...

  • Create a personal news feed and read your favorite websites and blogs in a clean and intuitive format. Subscribe to as many feeds as you want and keep up on all topics and sources you care about. Works on your ...

  • Symfoz is the feed reader you need to keep up to date with your favourite feeds. Stay up to date, RSS feeds, Youtube channels / playlists, Sub-reddits / Spotify podcasts. We handle all of these. And soon more !

  • Newsstand is a native Mac OS classic application that allows Mac OS 9 and vintage Mac users to read Google News across more than 200 curated topics and 24 countries.

  • Subscribe to blogs, news sites and podcasts and get it all delivered to your inbox once a day in your own personalised newsletter.

  • With Stream all your feeds appears as a unified timeline. With its simple user interface, ability to import existing lists, and support for open reading standards, Stream is a great choice if you're looking for...

  • Looking for a simple and open feed reader? Free, open source, easy to use, Sismics Reader is what you need to keep your feeds under control. - Access all your RSS and Atom feeds in one central easy readable pla...

  • Miniflux is a minimalist software. The purpose of this application is to read feeds. Nothing else.