The best alternatives to Boundary Free are Platypus, Perf, and Monitornator. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Boundary Free
  • Platypus is an application platform built to provide sysadmins access to realtime statistics of their servers using websockets and Python.
  • Simple app monitoring with meaningful alerts
  • See how your servers are doing in real-time, get alerted when there is something off and analyse the performance of your infrastructure over time.
  • Specto makes it easy to collect vital performance metrics and profile your iOS and Android apps in production with just a few lines of code. Our platform lets you stay competitive with the most demanding user expectations.
  • Fast and easy to use API performance monitoring tool. Simply setup your endpoints, configure the security and schedule to run from 4 different cloud services and over 80 data centers.
  • Monitor your site and certificate in realtime from all over the globe. When something is down get notified in many different ways. Everything should have 100% uptime, all the time.
  • The HealthyServers solution is simple, yet powerful. It gathers information from all of your servers and stores KPl-related information in a scalable database for graphical and in-depth analysis and forecasting.
  • Aggregates transportation apps—e.g. taxi, bike, transit, etc
  • Innsight is a simple log and server monitoring tool. Install the agent in one command, choose what logs you want to monitor, then view all of your servers from the dashboard. Simple, cheap, and easy, how it should be.
  • -Make sure are servers are online -Automatic refresh -Supports HTTP HTTPS TCP ICMP, IPv4 -Monitoring continues while your app is running in the background -Ping utility -Configurable notifications