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Finally, a rich Dialogflow web chat! Customize in minutes.
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What is Botcopy Beta?
Finally, Dialogflow web chat that's rich, branded, and requires no mandatory social media login! Host a Dialogflow agent on your site in a few clicks. Brand the look in minutes. Integrate Chatbase or Dashbot. Works seamlessly with Google Assistant responses.

Botcopy Beta tech stack

We're aware of 7 technologies that Botcopy Beta is built with. Botcopy Beta utilizes products like Webflow, Google Fonts in their tech stack

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Transform customer service the smart way, with excellent integrations that work with Botcopy's custom web chat UI. Build your enterprise chat stack with NLU engines, scheduling & ticketing apps, live chat providers, content hosts, merchant accounts, and more!
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Botcopy 2.0 brings THE most advanced conversational AI to your website/app in one click. Build your agent's back-end with top AI (e.g., Google Dialogflow) and run Botcopy as your front-end custom UI. Boost efficiency during/after the pandemic. Sign up free! image
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