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What is Blissfully?
Blissfully automatically detects all the SaaS products across your entire company, helping improve security, save money, and simplify management. Get an instant SaaS usage report, for free.

Blissfully tech stack

We're aware of 15 technologies that Blissfully is built with. Blissfully utilizes products like Webflow, Microsoft Clarity in their tech stack

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2019 SaaS Trends Report (Blissfully)

Blissfully's report, analyzing 2018 SaaS data from nearly a thousand companies, shows that 43% of the average company's SaaS app stack changed in the last two years.

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Blissfully On/Off Boarding

Speed up your ramp times by giving new hires access to every app they need immediately. And in just a few clicks, you can be confident that employees who leave no longer have access to apps or critical data.

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