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Online group birthday cards for remote teams
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Review of Birthday Board
Hi @daniel_tait1 thanks for making this! It's such a fun alternative to physical cards that's perfect for lockdown / people you can't see in person. I created a board yesterday but today the website is down. Would love to know if this is due to planned maintenance and when/if you expect the site to be back up again. Cheers!

Andrew Tsao
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Review of Birthday Board
I love that you've tackled this problem with such creative solution! I do find the price-per-board a little steep! I wonder if you could see a lot more boards being created if you made it free but introduce some cool bells & whistle that people can pay for? This would heavily incentivize people to simple create more and share with their team and colleagues. Word of mouth will help boost the # of boards that get created! Regardless, love what you've hacked together and excited to see more people use this!