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The best alternatives to Batch Links Opener are Synth, BrowserOpener, and Multiple URL Opener. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Batch Links Opener
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Augment your work 👩‍🔬 and your mind 🧠 with the internet, don't just browse it. Don't Just Browse. Get Stuff Done. Synth Makes You Fast, Smart Connect, Synchronize, Elevate your workflow

  • For example, you are using Safari heavily in day life, but you'd like to use Chrome to open websites of work. You could add a rule for it, then every external links (links not in browser) will be opened in Chro...

  • Every day, I find myself having to open the same links over and over (work, favourite sites etc) I find this extremely inefficient and time consuming. So, the purpose of this extension is to allow you to save t...

  • Opener is an app that allows you to open links from the web in apps instead! Copy a link and launch Opener to see the apps that it can be opened in, or use Opener's action extension right from other apps! Opene...

  • OpenIn.app is an advanced Utility that helps you open links, emails and files in the application of your choice. Just click it, and select the application from the list. Including browsers for mailto, custom ap...

  • A beautiful, powerful translation app for Mac and Windows

  • Choosy can prompt you to select from the browsers on your Mac, or just the ones that are running, so you can decide which browser is right for a particular link.

  • Still clicking all those links on ProductHunt one by one? How about those Reddit links? Rockmelon is the winner of 2021 Larajam Hackathon and is a simple tool to open many links with just one single click, savi...