A super-simple landing page builder for bulk idea validation
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What is AreYouInterested?
💡 Finding the right idea is hard. 💡 - Making a separate site and landing page to validate each idea you have takes too much time. That's why we created AreYouInterested. - Create a landing page optimized for idea validation in under a minute.

AreYouInterested tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that AreYouInterested is built with. AreYouInterested utilizes products like Product Hunt, Google Fonts in their tech stack

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AreYouInterested Forum
We found that there wasn't a great place to post your business ideas and get feedback on them. So we created one. Very Laissez-Faire moderation. Just make sure your post is quality, and you're good to go! Discuss everything related to business ideas.
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The Idea Generator
The Idea Generator by AreYouInterested is a completely free tool to structure your idea generation. It guides you through the Niche-Action-Problem brainstorming system, and allows you to see the ideas that other members of the community came up with, too.
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