Add to Calendar Button

Add to Calendar Button

Let users add your events to their calendars - hustle-free.
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What is Add to Calendar Button?
For everybody, who wants to enable users to easily add events to their calendars. Define your button configuration and let the script take care of the rest. Supporting calendars at Apple, Google, Microsoft (365, Outlook, Teams), Yahoo, and iCal. For all modern browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. Dynamically adapting to any restrictions. Integrates with any usual HTML webpage as well as stuff like Angular, React, Vue, Svelte, Astro, WordPress, and more.
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Recent launches

Add to Calendar Button v2
Let users add events to their calendar, no matter their calendar and device. Designed to work with every web dev stack in the most convenient way. Solving the struggle, that there is no stable url scheme working across all cases - the tool auto-adapts for you.
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Add-to-Calendar Button Generator
This open source projects lets everybody create amazing buttons, where users can add events to their calendars. Free to use. For people with basically no coding experience (simple integration), but also advanced developers (npm integration).
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