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What do people think of acreom?

The community submitted 8 reviews to tell us what they like about acreom, what acreom can do better, and more.
What do you think about acreom?
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8 Reviews
Aashutosh Rathi
Builder | Full time software tinkerer
8 reviews
Looks sleek and another legit product that might replace Jira, I think they should target organizations instead of individuals

Knowledge Seeker
9 reviews
This is a great app that has very robust features on the free level. Their team is also very responsive.

Hanan Alkalay
2 reviews
Acreom was amazingly designed and built for busy people who want to take notes, keep a journal, share docs, and get things done without the chaos and noise that all the other note-taking apps offer. Beautiful product.

Alex Kollar [SSG]
President / Co-Founder of the SSG
1 review
Acreom actually reached out to me when I posted that I was looking into alternative note taking software to the common ones. I have never looked back at the rest since then. More over it’s the standard of my entire security team. Excellent work guys!

Nikolay Kusch

Indie maker

2 reviews

Howard Jacobs
Engineer @ acreom

Simon Cooper
Co-founder of Arno
3 reviews
I think y'all are taking a very clever approach by integrating with Jira. Although Jira is not a great experience, it is so sticky. Switching to something else should just be too much of a headache so people just deal with the ongoing, minor headache of Jira itself. By integrating with Jira, you can greatly reduce the switching costs. For what it's worth, one reason people get locked into Jira is that all of their previous tickets are there. That historical context can sometimes be super useful. So if your ultimate goal is enable people to switch of Jira entirely, I would recommend looking into whether people want to bring their full Jira history with them.

Juro Oravec
3 reviews
I'm a Jira user, but you really struck the chord with the performance comparison. ("sub 50ms interactions" is 🥵🥵🥵) Jira UI loading time is usually the time for a little reflection, maybe a sip of coffee. Sometimes I manage to squeeze in a little stretch, other time I go shopping or pilates. Looks like that now I will have to leave those things to after work hours :)