Zoho SalesInbox

Turn unopened emails into closed deals.

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In sales, you need to stay on top of the most important customers and deals that are most likely to turn into revenue. Traditional emails put the latest email on top, not the most important one. Zoho SalesInbox is the first email client built exclusively for salespeople. Get your email automatically prioritized and organized according to the deals that matter most to you. For more, read https://www.zoho.com/crm/blog/tu...
@sripadag This looks interesting. Sorry for questioning what may be obvious: Does this work with whatever email address I have? i.e., can I use the GMail account with this? P.S.: I quickly scrolled on your blog post about SalesInbox. Since most us do that (not read everything in detail), I would recommend you to put there some more screenshots, specially for the sections/features that don't have any screenshot yet. The gifs you put here on PH are really good for that too. Cheers, and keep up with that great product launch pace there in Zoho!
@danflopes @sripadag You can very well use gmail or any other email. You just need to configure the IMAP. Btw, our website https://www.zoho.com/salesinbox/ have images for every inner link. Sure we will anyway make it further more interactive with some GIF images. Thank you for your suggestions. Btw, we will give you the access quickly if you would like to try it out. Please let us know.
@ponnusamy I'd like to try it out, I just filled in the online form.
@kinnth Thank you for your interest. Will update you once given the access.
@kinnth - Please check your email. We have given you the access.
Was looking for just this thing today, totally willing to give it a shot!
@kinnth thank you. Sure. Can you please share your email address with support at zohosalesinbox dot com