Intelligent business to consumer texting

Zingle enables customers to text your business via a dedicated phone number or using your existing landline.

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Today marks the culmination of years of hard product work at Zingle with the launch of Zingle 5.0; a customer-to-business messaging platform with a custom automation builder. Zingle recognized years ago that business text messaging would become vital for business owners to stay connected with their customers - this recent version is an extension of what the market and our customers told us what they wanted. 😀 In an effort to provide businesses what they need to serve customers, Zingle created version 5.0: 1) a free trial for companies to start business messaging immediately; 2) an easy to understand new user interface with intelligent contact segmentation; and 3) message-driven automations (we call them ZINGS) that enable business operations to scale with business text messaging. Everyone now texts, Zingle thinks businesses should too. Ford Blakely CEO | Founder

I’ve been using Zingle in my business for almost two years now. It’s revolutionized how we communicate with our customers. It helps with customer retention, consumer feedback, and keeps our brand top of mind. We also use it for staff communication.


Easy to use. Efficient. Custom automations and tools.


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I've used Zingle both as a business and as a consumer. As a business it makes it really easy to aggregate all messages across all channels into one streamlined inbox and keep track of who you're talking to. As a consumer, it makes requests, ordering, simple questions I have, etc. an easy process without having to deal with making phone calls or waiting for email answers. Daily I think " I wish this business had zingle so I don't have to deal with talking to anyone, especially restaurants for to go orders, asking for a late checkout, making appointments, etc".


Super fast easy communication with the businesses I want to talk (without having to use the phone!). LOVE it for hotels and food ordering.


Wish more businesses used it.

Why should you text customers? 93% of consumers text at least once per day. 6 billion messages per day in US. Text message has a 45% response rate. Text messages are read on average in 5 Seconds. Love this product - couldn’t believe nobody jumping on this and create a platform for businesses to manage this efficiently. Will test it ✌️
Looks good !! Could this be synced or integrated with hubspot for better and faster flow of work.
@ayush_chandra, great question! We recently released our Zapier integration, so this could be used to integrate with Hubspot. We are excited to see what integrations our customers will come up with. 👍🏼