Easiest transition from renting to homeownership, $0 down

Pick any home for sale in the Bay Area, and ZeroDown will buy it with cash. You'll move into your ZeroDown Home fast and debt-free. You don't need a down payment. With each rent check, build up purchase-credits that can be used to buy the home later on.
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Hi! I'm Abhijeet, one of the founders of ZeroDown. We came up with this new path to home ownership after our own very frustrating experiences house hunting in the Bay Area. We hope to make homeownership a lot easier for you. Let us know if we can answer any questions about our product. Also, if you follow the link from Product Hunt, we have a special deal for the PH community ($15,000 rebate when you purchase your home).
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@abhijeet_dwivedi don't you think it's a little bit risky to start this project in such an overpriced real estate market as SF. You could go to a more safe place like Chicago or Detroit. no criticism just want to know your thoughts on this.
@oleksiy_malytskyy To give a more general answer first: all new companies are risky in some sense or the other - the question is what is the right sequence to eliminate risk. We took on a certain kind of risk by starting in the bay area, and de-risked some other aspects. Specifically, if you looked very closely at the business model, and ran the numbers, in our approach there is no more risk than a typical startup. You can email me at abhijeet at zerodown dot com - and we can get into this more if you are curious.
@abhijeet_dwivedi @oleksiy_malytskyy isn't Bay Area a derisked market? Home prices have historically always gone up.
Having been going through the Zerodown process, it's slick. I was approved really fast - next day I believe. My bank is still asking for more paperwork. Not found anywhere yet, but that's my picky-ness...Props to the team!
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Real-estate tech is booming lately. ZeroDown is taking a very unique approach, particularly in their longer term plans (I got a chance to speak with one of the founders a while ago).
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Worked with Zerodown to find a home in San Francisco, and am a big fan. Smooth process, transparent with the numbers, and overall an interesting new approach that has really worked for me.
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I would be in this in a heartbeat, along with several others I know. SoCal NEXT PLEASE!!