ZenHub for Firefox

Turn GitHub into a project management suite! Plus, socks

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Once you start with ZenHub you never go back. See the video here:
Hi all, Matt from ZenHub here, We are very excited today to launch ZenHub for Firefox! At the end of last year we launched the first version of ZenHub, for Chrome. The response from the Firefox community was fantastic! Not a day has gone by without my inbox being hit with a request to support Firefox :) So I am very pleased today, to be able to give the firefox community what they want! As a team collaboration tool, it’s incredibly important that each team member can be included whilst still using their favourite browser. Expect to see more support for different browsers and devices coming soon, as well as awesome changes to how you can work with epics and manage multiple repositories in GitHub - both very popular requests from our users! Don’t forget to check out https://www.zenhub.io/firefox for a PH discount and some swag, and of course, feel free to ask me anything!
Congrats on launching Firefox product support. We've been using Zenhub at Gata Labs for almost a year and we're one of the early users. Glad to see the product continuing to flourish, can't do without it!
@nlukka Thank you for the support Neel!
Looks very cool. Paige: Any plans to integrate with Trello to link the non-devs who can't pronounce Github?
@cambel No plans for Trello integration on the roadmap – but we are working on features that make ZenHub data more available and useful to "those who can't pronounce GitHub". :) In all seriousness, the core philosophy of ZenHub is that a) every team will soon be a software-driven team; b) most of those teams will be or are in GitHub; and c) it's in everyone's best interest to be as close to the code as possible. What this looks like in practice: far less time spent jumping around from tool to tool to update tasks; project managers then spend less time bugging developers to update tickets, reports, and the like. We're not in the business of convincing non-GitHub-using teams to start using GitHub... there are plenty of awesome project management tools for them! Interestingly, we've seen quite a few teams onboard their marketing and HR departments to GitHub to have everyone in one place. ZenHub makes that possible.
@paigepaquette Makes sense. And there is probably lots of runway to turn on teams who are using Github and JIRA/other/no PM. I was thinking more about how you get to teams that have Trello (of which there are a lot) to reduce switching costs & improve your distribution. That your interface is Trello-like will help, but switching from Trello or Asana or whatever is a cost.
@cambel Yes, the cost is real. :) Simple migration tools are one way to ease the transition. More broadly, teams that seem to gain the most value from ZenHub are those who are already using GitHub issues for collaboration / communication - which makes onboarding to ZH practically instant.
The video is great. but I still question how it actually works. Is it like Trello that works off of GitHub?
@romanzadyrako Hey, Roman - thanks! You're actually not far off there. ZenHub works via a browser extension which adds features like Task Boards (similar to Trello), Burndown Charts, and personal task management – displayed directly in GitHub's UI. If you want to know more, feel free to give us a shout! support@zenhub.io