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Congrats @parkerconrad and team. We've been a @Zenefits customer since seeing their launch at Disrupt and loving every minute of it. We're also a happy @GustoHQ customer, but we've known for a while payroll was coming to Zenefits (it just makes sense). As a product guy that doubles as operations lead, the more all-in-one integration, the better. Payroll is something you do not mess around with, and not something I want to be part of a "limited release" on, but I'm excited to see how this service compares to @GustoHQ. I know @GustoHQ has gone to bat for us with the IRS to fix mistakes/errors and need to know @Zenefits will definitely want to do the same. That's extremely important. Paging @parkerconrad for Q&A!
Hi @goeric Great question. As a full-service payroll provider, we absolutely will go to bat for you with the IRS. In the last year, we were fortunate to build a great team of tax and compliance experts; people who have worked in the industry for many, many years. We, too, strongly believe in all-in-one systems. However, we are also a huge proponent of user choice. If you have a payroll solution that works for you, that’s perfectly okay. Zenefits will continue integrating with services like Gusto and Intuit.
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@chenbfang @goeric Awesome. If I'm already fully integrated with Zenefits for everything else, is there anything I cannot do in the free payroll tier that I would need the pro account for?
Hi @goeric If you already use Zenefits for all your HR and benefits, Self-Driving Mode should be a great fit for your business needs. We plan to offer additional features in Pro – like enterprise-grade reporting and batch uploading – that will help power users manage their payroll, but if you’re already fully integrated, we recommend Self-Driving Mode.