Zapier for Developers: Control flows within Apps 10x faster

#5 Product of the WeekSeptember 30, 2019
Zenaton makes it possible to build and run event-driven processes within the product journey in days instead of months.
ie. payment, booking, personalized communication sequences, ETL processes and more.
Now with 90+ APIs connectors.
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Hi everyone We have been working relentlessly on Zenaton for 18 months now and are thrilled to be on Product Hunt today :) We’ve built Zenaton to make it easy to code and run control flows between APIs and your app. Zenaton empowers developers - or even just one developer - to quickly and iteratively code (and iterate on) ETL, in-product communications sequences, or in-house processes. For more than 10 years, I have watched countless teams of developers struggle to stay agile while building more and more complex products that require a lot of asynchronous interactions. Building modern software involves integrating multiple SaaS services, such as email/communications tools, payment services, and more. They allow us to build quickly by prototyping, iterating and reducing our development cycle. However, deeply integrating these services within our product requires a lot of complex tasks such as maintaining states to handle API failures, managings crons to handle waiting or triggering times, install queuing systems to ensure event propagation… and all without the ability to properly monitor your flows. Low code integration tools such as Zapier fall short in this context, due to deferred processing, limitations on the logic you can implement or on what you can do with APIs, lack of monitoring and pricing for a large volume. Because the control flow of these services is so crucial to your product, it is important to have full control over the integration and be able to easily understand and make updates. Zenaton offers [a simple way](https://zenaton.com/how-it-works) to describe and run your long-running flow control by coding a special function into your application using your preferred programming language (currently Node.js, Python, Ruby, and PHP). Generally, a few dozen lines of code are really all you need to code, run and monitor your flows, as all the heavy lifting is done by our engine, and our infrastructure. Here are a few examples of how customers are using Zenaton: - A marketplace of luxury watches uses Zenaton to handle the customer verification process (and more) that includes the use of an ID check API. By implementing a workflow with Zenaton, they have iteratively improved the process that was often failing due to minor user omissions. This presented the opportunity to smartly notify the user to fix the omission and improved the overall success rate. - A company offering online phone rental contracts have built their processes with Zenaton (request customer review, capture payment deposit, product return…). They now have the versatility to write the custom logic that they need and easily make changes to it as the needs evolve. - A European leader in supply chain visibility uses Zenaton to implements the logic of their alerting service. They built it in a couple of weeks with Zenaton, after having failed to build it internally for a few months. Following our mission to empower developers to get closer to their customers, today we are also releasing Connectors! An easy way to connect 90+ external APIs to enrich your processes. We have tried to create the most convenient and enjoyable way to manage those control flows and would love to hear your feedback on how we can make it better.
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@gillesbarbier Hey! Zenaton looks great :) How about an interview about it at StartupRadius.com? PM paul@startupradius.com if interested.
We used Zenaton to rebuild our onboarding process for new members of our community (asynchronous emails, slack messages, and backend processes). It allowed us to build complex workflows that we would've never been able to setup on Zapier (not for lack of trying!), without adding much complexity. The interface makes it easy to track ongoing executions and be alerted when there's a failure. The team is very responsive, pushing updates often and producing a lot of content to help & inspire users. Highly recommend it!
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@lorenzo_cb Thanks so much ! Glad you like it!
At https://mobile.club we are a lot relaying on external services to build our systems, this empower us to focus more on our business than re-invent the wheel again and again for technical subject. One of the most useful and new service we use is definitely Zenaton. It helps us to solves complex asynchronous operations/workflows we have to run for our customers. The management of wait and recurring workflows is always a challenge in a basic job or queuing system and being able to just do a Wait().days(7) with Zenaton is really cool. Their dashboard are really good and easy to use, you can easily see the logs and retry any operations that failed with a click! We at MobileClub, highly recommend Zenaton for any asynchronous jobs / tasks you need to run for your system! It will speed-up all your developments and you will be able to focus on your business! Thanks to @gillesbarbier and his team ✌️
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@iam4x awesome feedback - it’s so exciting to see how you use Zenaton. You’re helping us to understand all the possibilities!
It's great to see what you've been able to build using Bearer.sh technology :)
@g_montard - in about 2 weeks for this part - it was a ride!
I can tell you this team is as insane as the product. It literally replaced my former workflow process with much more simplicity. I tested a first version last year, and am incredibly impressed by the new features now to pilot your workflow from the dashboard. Nice job!
@whitynox You were one of first user. So happy that it helps you.