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@antoniomarzo nice work! What compelled you to build this? Such a large market with big hitters in the space, how do you aim to compete? Is focusing on the mobile commerce side going to be your key to success? Reminds me of when I read about Wish the $3 Billion App That Could Be the Next Walmart but Wish seems to be aimed at serious bargain hunters. This app looks more elegant and slick. With the added bonus of still getting great prices. Lots of items on Wish seem to be from China and often quality control can be a big issue. What do apps like Wish tell you about the space/consumers? Does it give you insights to how the audience behaves? Provide even more validation to the opportunity here?
@bentossell Thanks for your feedback! We developed Zen Shopping with the goal of simplifying m-commerce. We want to save time and money to our users whenever they purchase from their mobile. We observed that e-commerce traffic from mobile devices was about to surpass desktop, but when it came to actually buying products, mobile came up short. For most of us, it just takes too long to create an account and enter your credit card numbers, names, billing and shipping addresses, etc. In fact, more than 97% of us abandon the shopping carts when attempting to buy something on mobile. Some researchers value shopping cart abandonment in 4 Trillion!That is an enormous opportunity to tackle. Zen Shopping is the first universal checkout system for mobile, with our checkout system you can buy anything from any store in just one tap. I believe that buying from your smartphone should be as frictionless as paying an Uber. Our value proposition is different to Wish or even Amazon; they are both marketplaces with a limited inventory. You won't be able to buy a TV on Wish or a J.Crew jacket in Amazon. Since our software can work with an unlimited number of stores, we have the largest shoppable inventory on earth. The future of e-commerce is mobile, and we are still in its infancy. Wish has proven that you can innovate and get millions of user to buy through your app. I'm positive we'll see more m-commerce startup like Wish with even more innovative ideas coming in the next couple of years.
Thanks @wwmld ! Feel free to send me any feedback
In mobile commerce , clean UX + Speed to cart are keys to a good business. This hits the mark on both
What about Europe? 👋
@_yannbertrand We are working on that!
I love the buy from the browser easily feature too. Beautifully executed. #zenshopping
Thanks @double_are! We are currently thinking dedicating more resources to the iOS extension. We want to make our checkout available not only when you use our app but whenever you want to buy something wherever it is ( Safari, Chrome etc...). It would be great to gather more feedback from the PH community about this functionality and how they would use it.
@double_are This a gif of how Zen Shopping checkout works in Safari
Looks beaut. Good job. Best of luck.