Live interactive podcasting with your Twitter followers

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Hillel Fuld
@hilzfuld · CMO @ZCastApp, Startup Advisor, Blogger
These comments make me happy. Just read them all again for like the 5th time. Thank you all for your kind words and support. We are literally just getting started. Huge plans for the future of ZCast!


Hillel Fuld
@hilzfuld · CMO @ZCastApp, Startup Advisor, Blogger
Hello Hunters, We've been working toward this day for the better part of a year and super excited it's here. Podcasting has been something I've personally wanted to leverage for the past five years but every time I tried and started podcasting, I quickly stopped because it was just too difficult. Studio, equipment, the need to be in the same place at at t… See more
yoav hornung
@yoavush · Co-founder & CEO, Veed.me. + Coverr.co
I think the most interesting thing about it, is that it makes people feel more comfortable when talking to an audience (as opposed to video casts..) this way you can be in your underwear under a blanket and talk technology, tell stories etc.. I really believe that this fact will make more people comfortable when talking to strangers. It looks beautiful and … See more
[deleted user]
Hi everyone! My name is Farhana, and I am the Director of Communications of Zula. We all had quite a lotta sleepless nights as we worked on ZCast. I'd say it was all well worth it. We're pleased with this first version of ZCast, and can't wait to hear your thoughts!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@bramk · Creator of @startupstash
Very cool new app by @hilzfuld! ZCast is a new way to podcast, simply choose a topic and you’re ready to broadcast. Or if you prefer, you can schedule a cast for a later date. You can even invite people from your Twitter network to cast with you, and group-cast to your collective followers.  See more
Jonathan Caras
@madcapslaugh · COO Co-Founder Glide
surprising that this was the first real app to make it easy to start an online radio show. will be interesting to see what content this platform attracts